Photography Composition

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Frames in Photos

06.09.2007 Category: Photography Composition
Works of art are often surrounded by frames. Frames guide the eye of the viewer inside of the picture. Frames also help to keep the eye of the viewer inside of the picture. Frames can be easily added to digital photos in image processing but that is not the only way to create frames. You can also include a frame inside of your photo to enhance the composition. You can take advantage of frames that can be found from the world around you. The kind of frames I am talking about are for example branches of trees, doorways, tunnels or any other elements that encircle the subject.

Framing with Branches of Trees

A photograph which has been framed with the branches of near-by tree

Picture 1. The photo above has been framed from the top left corner with the branches of a near-by tree.

Probably the most used frames which are found from nature are branches of near-by trees. These kinds of frames are easy to use because they can be found everywhere in the nature. Picture 1 shows an example of the use of branches as frames. It's not necessary to encircle the subject completely. Frames can be also used just on some edges of the photo. In picture 1 the branches frame the photo from the top left corner. These branches help to keep the eye of the viewer inside of the photo and also work as balancing element for the heavy forest in the opposite corner.

Framing With Elements of Nature

In the photo the background subject has been framed witht the foreground rocks

Picture 2. The background subject has been framed with foreground rocks.

Frames can be used to emphasize subject in the photograph. Important subject of the photo can be emphasized by surrounding it with some other element. In picture 2 the background consisting of the sky, the sea and the clouds are surrounded with the rocks on the foreground. The foreground rocks guide the viewers eye into the background. Because the frame is a subject on the foreground it also strengthens the feeling of depth in the photo.