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Photograph Close

21.06.2007 Category: Photography Composition
A photo might lack interest because the subject is too far away. People are often afraid that the subject won't fit inside the frame and leave a lot of empty space around the subject. This often yields a boring photo where the subject is too far away and in the middle of the photo.

It's often a good idea to take the photo up close. It's not always even necessary to fit the entire subject inside the frame. It might be enough, and even better, to show just a part of the subject. Close up photos can be very compelling, and they can tell the same story as photos where the subject is far away.

Close up Photo of the Subject

A close up photo about dolphins

Picture 1. When you choose one center of interest into the photo make sure you photograph it close enough.

One of the reasons why picture 1 works is the fact that the subject is close. Other factors that work for the benefit of the photo are strong colors and simplicity. Close up photo is nice because it lets the viewer to explore the details of the subject itself. Additionally a photo often becomes simpler when it's taken closer to the subject. By going closer you can get rid of elements that might compete for attention with the main subject.

Despite of the fact that the subject is very close, it tells the same story as a wider view would. It tells about a dolphin show in a pool surrounded by spectators.

Photographing close goes often hand in hand with simplicity. A photo often has a simple composition when its taken close.

Subject only Partially in a Photo

Close up photo about a giant turtle

Picture 2. Close up photo lets the viewer to explore details which could be missed out in a wider view.

Picture 2 is a photo about a giant turtle. I think the photo is interesting simply because it's close enough. In this close up photo we notice many interesting details which could be missed out in a larger view. For example the peculiar neck and the front leg.

The photo is also taken so that the viewer can't see the fact that this turtle lives in a cage. This also makes the photo more interesting. Additionally the subject has been isolated from its background by using shallow depth of field.