Photography Composition

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Unusual View Angle

12.11.2007 Category: Photography Composition
A view angle can be used to create compelling composition to a photo. By choosing unusual angle of view, one can create a composition that is something out of the ordinary.

You often see photos of famous sights that are photographed from the eye level and straight from in front of the sight. Many photos are taken from the most natural location and view angle which is of course logical. However, it means that many photos taken by different people from the same sight might look somewhat similar. That can be boring because the view in the photos is something that everybody sees while walking by the sight. The appeal of a photo can often be increased by choosing an unusual view angle instead of the natural one.

Out of the Ordinary

Composition can be made interesting by shooting from a low angle

Picture 1. A low view angle can be used to create interesting views.

There are often many possibilities to choose a more compelling view angle than the usual one that everybody have already seen. The photo is usually more interesting when the chosen angle of view differs from the ordinary. Of course, the photographer needs go to a lot of trouble to achieve something different. If you take the photo from a lot lower or from a lot higher angle of view than the eye level, the chances are that the photo is something out of the ordinary. I tried this approach with picture 1. The building in the picture is Cathedral of Palma in Majorca in Spain. It's a famous sight. I wanted to capture something unusual and chose a very low angle of view. Here you can read more about the photo in question.

Low View Angle Composition

Unusual view angle can enhance the appeal of a photo

Picture 2. The low angle of view ensures that the photo is something out of the ordinary.

Picture 2 is taken from the ground level. The subject is left in the distance on purpose. The desired story is to tell that people are alone in the middle of nowhere. The placement of the people where chosen by using the rule of thirds. Additionally, many lines of the photo lead the eye to the subject, which enhances the composition. The low view angle ensures that the photo is something different than many other snapshots of the same situation.

The example photos on this page are both taken from a low angle of view. That is only one way of creating unusual angle of view. It's worth it to also try high view angle or any other view angle that is something different than what everybody sees.