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Cathedral of Palma

Cathedral of Palma in Mallorca

Picture 1. A different view of cathedral of Palma. A bright day provided the possibility to shoot hand held. The girl in the front was illuminated by flash.

12.06.2007 Category: Photography
Picture 1 is a photo of the cathedral of Palma in Majorca. The construction of the cathedral began already in 1230 and continued for hundreds of years. How should such a sight be photographed?

How Sights are Photographed?

Sights are often photographed from far away, on eye level and so that they fit entirely inside the photo frame. Because of this many photos of the same sight tend to look pretty similar. It can get boring.

Something Different

I wanted to take a photo which would somehow be something out of the ordinary. I wanted to include skew lines to bring a little energy in to the photo and my daughter Emma because this was supposed to be a holiday shot. I included my amazed daughter in the corner, tilted camera a little and took the shot right in front of the cathedral.

Analysis About the Composition

The cathedral is close in the photo. This makes it possible to notice the diversified details of the cathedral. One can observe details which would be left unnoticed in a larger view. The photo includes lots of strong and skew lines. Skew lines and the look of my daughter lead the eye to the heights towards the towers and the cloudy sky. Is this kind of photo about a famous sight better or worse than a normal one? I have no idea but at least it's something different.